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Director & Production Manager

Richard Carroll

Richard has been described by his Work colleagues as hands on and involved, loves the important things in life and wants the best for everyone. He wants people to be happy and be proud of what he can offer them and he will show them how important they are in the process and will be involved from start to finish. 

"I like to be innovative and get ideas to inspire people I like a challenge and like to look for ways to make a square peg fit in a round hole. Family is important we work around our family here and I know clients do the same as we accommodate them. I love our team and love the diversity of each team member and what they bring to the table and I feel that the client gains all the benefits from each one. I love the factory Tours and meeting each client and giving them that security that we have an open door policy they have the assurance on being able to come and see us whenever they need."

Phone: 06 377 3160

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