AWISA 2018 - Kitchen design inspiration

AWISA 2018 - Kitchen design inspiration


Here at Carrolls joinery we are always learning and seeking out the latest information and design trends on a local and global scale so we can ensure that the information and design ideas we share with our clients is current and on trend.

In July we ventured off to Sydney to attend our Master Craft conference and to visit the AWISA 2018 exhibition.

The Mastercraft conference is a fantastic opportunity for all the Mastercraft kitchen manufacturers around New Zealand to come together and share knowledge about the building, trade and design industry. 

During the conference we had an opportunity to spend time with our main suppliers on a social and business level getting valuable information about their products and up and coming trends.

This year we had the privilege of meeting with Burns and Ferrall, Dezignatek, Harvey Norman commercial, Hettich, on board, Panel form, Smart stone, Pacific stone, Blum, amorini, Turbo IT, cosentino, prime panels, bestwood and Carters, where we got a lot of one on one time, learning and upskilling ourselves  

After the Mastercraft conference we spent the next few days at AWISA, this is a huge exhibition where the main suppliers in the building, design and kitchen manufacturing industries come together under one roof to show case their products, its such an awesome opportunity for designers, manufacturers and anyone in the building, architectural and design industry to get a first-hand look at what’s new and up and coming trends

Click this link to check out more about AWISA


Tuesday 16th of October 2018

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