Our Process

The development of your kitchen, furniture or joinery project is broken down into two main stages:

Design Process

Design Process1. Initial First Call

1. Initial First Call

Arrange to meet with one of our designers. We will take you through a series of questions to determine what you want. From here we will make a time to measure you space or work off your plans and book you in for a showroom consultation.

Design Process2. Showroom Consultation

2. Showroom Consultation

We will take you through our 3 Showroom Kitchens go through the different lay outs and different materials, this will help to stimulate your imagination and start the creative process.

Design Process3. Factory Tour

3. Factory Tour

This Coincides with your showroom consultation. Richard Carroll will take you through the factory so you can see kitchens in various stages of production, which continues to assist you with your creative process.

Design Process4. Design & Refine

4. Design & Refine

At this stage your designer will have an idea of what Kitchen design will best suit you your designer would be able to provide you with a free set of drawings for your kitchen your designer will sit down with you and go through your design and together you can refine the design until it completely meets all your requirements.

Design Process5. Colour & Hardware

5. Colour & Hardware

We can give advice on Materials and colours.

Design Process6. The decision is yours!

6. The decision is yours!

Whatever materials you want and colours you want we will provide you with a free quotation based on the materials of your choice!

Design Process7. What next?

7. What next?

You finalise your plans, design and materials.

Design Process8. Sign Up!

8. Sign Up!

This is the exciting part! Your job is done and now you can leave it up to the manufacturing team to construct your dream kitchen!

Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process1. Dates

1. Dates

We will liaise with you or your builder to determine the date your kitchen needs to be in your home. We allow between 6-8 weeks from final measure to the making of your kitchen dependent on materials and your build. From here we will schedule your kitchen construction.

Manufacturing Process2. CNC Programming

2. CNC Programming

We will programme your kitchen to our CNC Machine.

Manufacturing Process3. Construction

3. Construction

We will construct your kitchen here at our factory. And invite you in to see your kitchen set up in the factory.

Manufacturing Process4. Installation

4. Installation

Installation, we have a team of installers that will install your kitchen.

Manufacturing Process5. Sign Off

5. Sign Off

Your designer will meet with you at your home in your new kitchen to sign it off and give you your Mastercraft kitchen guarantee and to make sure that everything you asked for is there in your kitchen!

Manufacturing Process6. Enjoy your new kitchen

6. Enjoy your new kitchen

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